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What PPE is Needed in a Garage?

What PPE is Needed in a Garage-min

Garage conversions are among the most popular kinds of renovation in the UK. They’re a means of turning a tired old storage space into a study, a gym, a workshop, or even a place for fixing cars. If you’re looking to put together your dream garage (or you’re running a commercial one), then you might have a long list of equipment that absolutely must be purchased. But what you might not have yet thought about is the personal protective equipment (or PPE) that’ll allow you to work safely. Let’s take a look at some essential purchases for industrial workwear.

Respiratory PPE

Inhaling dust can be bad news for your lungs. And the smaller the dust particle, the more difficult it is for a facemask to keep it away from your nose and mouth. There are two kinds of respirator: non-powered ones, which rely on your breath to draw in clean air, and motorized ones, whose filters are so strong that a motor is required to draw enough air in. For most garage users, it’s sufficient to have a supply of disposable masks to hand.

Noise Protection PPE

Exposure to loud noise over a long enough period of time will produce undesirable side-effects. These include hearing loss and tinnitus, both of which are irreversible. If you’re going to be operating a hammer-drill, or a nail gun, then a set of ear defenders should be considered an essential purchase. If the job is just a short one, you might use cotton buds instead.

Head Protection PPE

Objects falling from height can inflict catastrophic damage, which is why hard-hats are so essential on a constriction site. But we should also be aware of the danger posed by welding flames, chemicals, and sharp objects.

Foot Protection PPE

Your feet are among the most vulnerable parts of your body, especially if you’re working in an untidy workspace. Look for footwear that’s robust enough to protect you from standing on nails –something with steel caps is likely to work wonders. Of course, it’s also essential that you keep the workplace tidy, and free of hazards like trailing cables.

Eye Protection PPE

The eye is a fragile thing, and it should be protected, especially if flying projectiles and sparks are a danger. Welding masks and protective goggles can be enormously useful if you’re dealing with airborne particles and aerosols.

Protective Clothing

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and thus presents a large target to sharp objects and corrosive chemicals. If you’re handling chemicals, then gloves should be considered essential – pick up a pack of disposable ones so that you can work safely. This has the added benefit of keeping your hands in good condition when you’re getting them dirty!

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