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Wondershare HiPDF Review

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When it comes to managing PDF files, HiPDF is the most comprehensive online tool available. Because it is a web application, it is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Better yet, you can use cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box to supplement your online experience. Even though there is a desktop edition of this software accessible for offline usage, this makes it to analyze PDFs on the move. You may use some of the tools to create PDFs, convert them, edit them, and even use optical character recognition (OCR).

This service’s combination with the highly sought-after batch processing capability and secured connections maximizes both efficiency and security. As a result, you can have your PDFs processed quickly, printed beautifully, and securely hidden from prying eyes. Before we go into the primary features, here are some of the advantages and downsides of using HiPDF.

Key Features

PDF has become a widely used format due to its adaptability. It has simplified file sharing without compromising the document’s integrity. Therefore, the need for PDF utilities increased as PDF’s popularity expanded. There are now literally hundreds of PDF solutions that can be used on both online and desktop platforms. There is a bewildering array of options, making it difficult to zero in on the best one. In light of this, allow me to introduce you to Wondershare HiPDF, the PDF solution par excellence.

HiPDF is a web-based PDF solution with a large selection of PDF utilities including PDF compression, PDF merging, PDF converting, and more. Since HiPDF is accessible online, you may use it whenever and anywhere you choose. HiPDF’s primary goal is to make working with PDFs simple and straightforward. The software and user interface of the program are both straightforward and simple to use. Additionally, it has a lot of helpful features and allows batch processing. HiPDF uses a robust SSL encryption protocol (256 bits) to protect your data while it is being sent over the internet.

To find out more about HiPDF and its tools, continue reading this article!

1. AI Features

AI Read

An “AI read” feature for a PDF product uses artificial intelligence to enhance PDF documents. It extracts text, recognizes characters from scanned files, and offers language translation. Natural Language Processing can provide insights, and Text-to-Speech technology converts text to speech. It enables efficient search, indexing, and document categorization, improving accessibility and usefulness.

AI Detector

An “AI detector” is a tool or system that employs artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify and flag specific objects, patterns, anomalies, or conditions in various types of data, such as images, videos, text, or sensor data. This technology is often used for object detection, image recognition, spam detection, fraud detection, and anomaly detection. AI detectors use machine learning models and pattern recognition to automatically analyze and classify data, helping in tasks like identifying objects in images, spotting fraudulent transactions, or monitoring unusual activities in security systems.

Chat With PDF

Interacting with a PDF involves extracting its text, annotating with comments, and using search functions. You can also convert it to editable formats, like Word, for content manipulation. Some software reads the text aloud, enabling a “chat” with the document. Collaboration platforms offer shared editing, while OCR (Optical Character Recognition) extracts text from scanned PDFs. These actions don’t directly converse with the PDF, but rather the content it holds, making it editable, searchable, and suitable for various applications.

2. Online PDF to Word Converter

PDF files are notoriously difficult to edit without special software and specialized knowledge. This means that you can convert a pdf file into an editable Word document. Microsoft Word is intuitive and easy to use. This means that anybody may quickly and easily modify documents using Microsoft Word.

Use HiPDF’s online PDF converter tool to quickly and easily transform your PDF files into Word documents. The tool is free to use and produces professionally formatted Word documents. High PDF allows you to convert numerous files at once, making it ideal for situations when you need to convert a large number of files.

Follow these steps to use pdf to word converter online:

  1. Upload the PDF file in PDF to word converter online
  2. HiPDF will instantly upload the file
  3. The OCR is activated once the scanned file is uploaded
  4. HiPDF will begin the conversion
  5. You can click on download once the conversion process is complete

3. Compress PDF File

Depending on the length of the video, the file might easily exceed the maximum file size allowed on your device. It also becomes cumbersome and time-consuming to upload and share huge PDF documents. As a result, sharing PDFs using common applications like Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn might be challenging. As a result, pdf compression programs have become more popular.

HiPDF’s batch processing allows you to reduce the size of several huge PDF files at once. Here are the actions you need to do to online pdf compress:

  1. Click on “Choose File” for the pdf document to upload
  2. Wait for HiPDF to upload the file
  3. Choose the compression level and click on “Compress”
  4. Once the compression process completes, download the file

4. Merge PDF Online

PDFs are not easily combined, yet there are situations when it is necessary to do so. Online programs like HiPDF may be used to combine PDF files.

HiPDF is a free online tool that makes it simple to merge and combine PDF files. HiPDF is a powerful program that can combine many PDFs into one.

Follow these simple steps to merge pdf files:

  1. Launch PDF merger online
  2. Upload pdf files by clicking on “Choose File”
  3. Click on “Merge” to begin the process
  4. Click on “Download” once all files are merged

5. Online OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

With optical character recognition (OCR), you can turn paper documents into digital ones that can be edited and searched. Any document may be converted into editable “live text” with the help of OCR. The objective is to facilitate any and all modifications, copies, edits, etc., that you could normally do to standard text. You can use optical character recognition (OCR) to perform things like making edits to scanned paper documents.

HiPDF has optical character recognition (OCR) software that can make a scanned PDF fully editable. In the premium edition of HiPDF, you may do OCR online without the need to download any additional software on your PC.

Follow these steps to use OCR:

  1. Upload the files
  2. HiPDF will begin the extraction. Process
  3. After extraction, OCR will be activated
  4. Click on Convert to finish the process
  5. Download the file once the process is complete


HiPDF’s mission is to provide its users with unrestricted access to any and all pdf-related tools. Document management and workflow administration are made easy. HiPDF provides a comprehensive selection of PDF and image-related utilities. HiPDF is one of the most user-friendly online PDF applications available today.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable online PDF solution that works on all major platforms, go no further than HiPDF.

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