All you need to know about SEO


Digital marketing is a field that covers many areas and SEO is certainly one important part of it. Today, there are hundreds of digital marketing agencies available that provide SEO services but how do you know which is the best SEO company among them? Well, having a basic knowledge about what SEO is will help you deal with that and choose the right SEO service for your business. 

What stands for SEO and why it is important:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means enhancing the quality and quantity of traffic for a particular website so that it ranks higher in the organic search results. To better understand what SEO is, let’s break it into three main parts which are quality of traffic, quantity of traffic, and organic search results.

Quality of traffic: 

It means attracting those traffics who are really interested in the service and product that you are offering. If Google sends traffic to your site thinking that you are a useful resource for Apple smartphones, but in actual you do organic farming of apples, then these are not quality traffic and it actually hampers your business. SEO ensures that your site draws the right traffic so that your service and products get enough exposure.

Quantity of traffic: 

When your site will draw the right traffic through SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), then you need to increase the amount of traffic so that your site gets maximum visibility. Yes, this also comes under the territory of SEO.

Organic search results: 

Search Engine Result Pages contain lots of ads that are basically paid service. Through organic search results, you can draw traffic without paying a dime.

Should you care about SEO?

Yes, you should. Suppose you have a car rental business. So, what will you do? You will print a billboard and hang it in a place so that it draws the attention of every passerby, whether they want a rented car or not. But when someone searches on Google by typing ‘car rental service’, it means that person has some commercial interest. And right SEO can help you come up in the top search results so that the chances of clicking your site link becomes higher. In addition, with a billboard, you can draw the attention of people within a specific geographic area. But with SEO, the possibility is literally limitless and you can reach out to a broader audience. So, you should care about SEO.

Few tips to build an SEO friendly site:

In order to build an SEO friendly site, you need to take care of certain things. First, a site is incomplete without content. So, upload quality content on your site related to your product or service. Try to use specific keywords within the content to increase its reach. Another thing that is important here is internal linking. Try to upload on-site topics and link-related topics for better SEO performance.

Final thought:

In this era of digitization, a business cannot survive without digital marketing and that is why SEO is very important to make a business see success.