How SEO Can Make Your Old Content New In No Time


Being at the top of Google’s and other search engine result page is becoming an increasing priority for many businesses. After all, with so much competition out there, users are more likely to rely on who their search engine says is most relevant to them. 

So how do you stay in the top five results, or at worst the first two pages of a search result? Creating new content with which your audience can engage works. But is your schedule is somewhat hectic, and you don’t have the time to create whole new material? Well, did you know that by using search engine optimization, also known as SEO, you can make your old content new again? That’s right, by refreshing your old content, you can increase your site’s traffic. Of course, if you’re still much too busy for this, look out for excellent SEO expert services around you, like SEO Sydney, that can help you out. This search engine optimization guru based in Sydney boasts of being the best in town and can help you get to the top of the SERPs.

Now let’s tackle how to renew your old content:

It’s All About the Content

How long ago was your last post? A couple of weeks Or months maybe?  We live in a high-paced world where a lot of things change quickly. A great way to revitalize previous posts is to update them with current information. Just by infusing a fresh perspective that the world is currently buzzing about, into an old write-up, you can generate more traffic. When you do research, you always look out for the most currently relevant story, right? So why would you expect any less from your audience? So do away with the old and outdated paragraphs and add some up-to-date content. 

Up Your Keyword Bingo Game

No, we don’t mean the actual bingo game. We mean your use of keywords in general. It possible your previous posts were at the time keyword stuffing worked. Does it anymore? Definitely not! This fact takes us to the essentiality of putting in your A-game when it comes to keyword application.

Keywords play a crucial role in how well your site scores on the Google ranking algorithm. So it’s essential to find the right keywords and utilize them appropriately throughout your content. By appropriately, we mean in natural locations and not haphazardly through your entire post. Oversaturating a write-up with a particular keyword will trip off certain Google senses, and that post will be ranked negatively. Keep in mind that keywords that are phrases do better than those that are single words. 

In addition to that, you can use the keyword in your title and image titles. So learn the right keywords to use, use them naturally, and watch the numbers on your traffic increase substantially.

Ensure You Diversify Your Use Of Media

We’re past the age of written texts only; our average attention span is reducing sharply. There are several other multimedia options you can add to make your content more enjoyable. Many websites also encourage and make provisions for these media. Learn to utilize that to your advantage. 

Engage all the senses of your audience by adding visuals, audio, and interactive media to your posts. Multimedia makes their experience on your site more enjoyable. Don’t just tell your readers how to bake a cake, add a Youtube link. Don’t just tell them why A is better than B, add a slide show, use a pictorial graph to show them the numbers. Websites with multimedia sources, generally have better SEO ranking. A descriptive five-minute video could be the difference between a hundred views and a thousand.

To Err Is Human, To Edit Is Divine

So says Grammarly anyway, and they’re right. The fact that you have great content doesn’t make it readable. You might have found the ultimate hack to growing long hair. But if your posts are full of bad grammar and poor spelling, your readers aren’t going to be able to get through it.

Another problem is if you have a large chunk of words with no headers or breaks in between. Your posts end up looking like a textbook, and that’s not fun to read. It also makes it harder for readers to scan through your content and determine if it’s worth reading. So use external sites if you have to correct your spelling mistakes and fix your grammar. Don’t forget to use headers to separate and make your content easier to read. Keeping it simple is sometimes sophisticated!

Sell It Again

Now that you’ve used the steps above to give your old content a much-needed makeover don’t just let it sit there. Share it around like you would for an all-new piece of work. Tell your audience to revisit some of their favorite posts for a refresher. If you or your business is present on other social media platforms, feel free to share it there as well. Encourage your readers to also share the rebranded content with their friends and family on social media. By making your article more popular, you expand its reach further. 

To recap, you can make your old content new again by updating the information, making better use of keywords, and adding multimedia. But don’t forget to edit it properly before marketing it. 

Now that you have a roadmap for using SEO to renew your old content, how excited are you to implement these tips? If you’re still a bit overwhelmed by all this new information, don’t be scared. That’s still quite alright. You can get help from SEO providers near you. An example of a great one for any business is Joel House Search Media. They’re known as Australia’s favorite SEO agency, and who better to help you become number one than the number one guys themselves.