7 eCommerce Mistakes that can make your business upside down

ecommerce mistakes

Starting an eCommerce website is easy, but to keep it running, it takes a lot of time, energy and guts. Sure, there are ways in which you can generate revenue with an eCommerce website but even those ways won’t work it you keep making silly mistakes on your eStore. Mistakes are good, but to do them, again and again, is not an option anymore.
At times these types of mistakes are easy to spot. But the hardest part is to resolve these mistakes as they are away from the naked eye. It is with the experience that you’ll be able to spot these eCommerce mistakes and do something about it.
But the good news is that you are a business owner with a passion for improving your conversion rate which is why you are reading this blog in the first place. So, without any delay, let’s get straight to the point.

Here are some common eCommerce website mistakes that can impact your website traffic and conversion rate. These are vital mistakes that cannot be overlooked. So, sit back, grab a pen and paper and note these down.

  • A Tricky Website Structure

Yes, this is happening still now. You only have 8 seconds to grab the attention of the user, and in those few seconds, if the user feels that the website structure is involved, they won’t bother to complete the order. A good website structure is all about giving a clean user experience. A poor navigation structure is one of the most common drawbacks of eCommerce.

  • Ignoring Product Descriptions

People don’t want simple descriptions. In an era where storytelling is stealing the attention of people, it is imminent that people want something similar to product descriptions.

One primary concern of shoppers is that they are not able to feel the product by their hands. In such a case, what they look for is product description. Well-Written product descriptions will help the visitor create visuals in the mind of the consumer. This will increase the conversation rate as high-quality product descriptions will trigger customers.

Since this will drive the customer towards checkout, the product descriptions must be attention-grabbing so that visitors don’t have to think about it.

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  • Underestimating Social Proof 

Even after you’ve written detailed product descriptions and prominent CTA buttons, there is still a chance that customers will not trust you that easily. This is when social proof can come handy. You can entice customers to buy from you when you show them that other people are also using your product.Also, when the customer is confused about whether to buy the product or not, social proof can help shoppers decide in an instant. And it is more likely that they will purchase the product without digging further in the product.

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If you encourage customers to write product reviews, that would be great. To get more reviews, you can give simple incentives so that customers leave reviews with an open heart.

  • Overlooking Mobile First strategy

If you haven’t thought about it, yet the mobile-first approach is something that you must start thinking now. In the coming year, you’ll have to take this into notice that mobile optimization is something that people expect from your eCommerce store. With users already shopping from their smartphones, leaving the mobile-first strategy behind is a stupid thing to do.

A mobile-friendly website is one thing but building your eCommerce store experience for mobile is different and necessary.

It is important to note that mobile commerce is here, and it is of utmost importance if you are not planning to lose revenue.

  • Bulk Emails 

A professional Web Design Company in Saudi Arabia will not send you tons of emails. They will send regular emails but not bulk emails.
Emails are a never-ending sure-shot success formula for brands, and it is like a never-ending trend. But what eCommerce website owners don’t understand is that these emails must not be sent too much.It is a digital age out there, and there are already tons of emails sent every day. If you are willing to differentiate from competitors, you must plan and personalize your email so that it can stand out from the crowd.

When you send emails, it is necessary to remember that you are talking to real people, not bots. Whatever you send will either engage them or drive them away.This means that you only have one chance to make a good impression. Don’t lose this chance by sending many emails that can frustrate the customer for bad.

  • Poor Customer Service 

Can you believe that 73% of the customers leave the website if they get poor customer service? Yes. This is how much customer service is for an eCommerce website.With a plethora of websites, it is necessary to give people a phenomenal customer service experience. When you offer exceptional customer service, people are bound to return for more, but poor customer service will drive them away in an instant.

  • Focusing only on acquisition

Acquiring customers is excellent. But if you only focus on acquiring customers, that would make it hard for the marketers to focus on everything else. Don’t invest all your resources in acquiring new customers. As it takes 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer. Tryto retain the old customer and find out ways to stick with these customers.


Mistakes are good. But making the same mistakes again can be lethal. These are simple mistakes that can create much impact on your eCommerce website. You cannot ignore these mistakes as they will help you to identify the barriers that are not getting you any sales.

If you are planning to scale your business in 2020, you better be prepared to take down your competitors before things go out of hand. Constant monitoring your mistakes and making the necessary course corrections is something that can help you to scale your eCommerce business to brand new heights.

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Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui Knows his job well when it comes to SEO and social media marketing. He works for Branex AE, social media agency in Dubai, and has served thousands of customers during his entire career.  Expertise in this field is and best as he is competent in using the latest tools and understand and interpret Google updates to come up with a great solution concerning SEO.