HostArmada Review

HostArmada Review


Need an unbiased opinion about HostArmada? If that’s the case, you won’t want to miss this post.

When it comes to cutting-edge innovations in the web hosting industry, HostArmada is right up there. Since its inception, it has experienced nothing but continuous expansion. So why is that? It performs very well indeed!

Our goal with this review of HostArmada is to provide you with a comprehensive guide to all you need to know about this web host.


HostArmada, a lovely American hosting service that launched in 2019, specializes in cloud web hosting. There are several hosting options available, from shared to dedicated servers.

HostArmada is a trusted business that promptly implements changes to its offerings in response to customer feedback.

In addition, these three features—speed, security, and stability—are the cornerstones of our web host.

Almost everything, including services, domains, invoices, and support requests, may be accessed directly from the dashboard.

It’s been around to provide several hosting options for companies of varying sizes. It’s perfect for any business, no matter how big or little.

In this evaluation of HostArmada, we evaluated their prices, speeds, security, and customer service. We’ve finally found evidence to support our claims.

Sure, let’s just go right in.

Hosting Packages & Features from HostArmada

HostArmada offers a wide variety of hosting plans and services to its customers.

In this review of HostArmada, let’s learn everything about them.

1. Cloud Hosting

This Managed WordPress Hosting is robust and has been tailored for blazing-fast page loads. It’s a hosting service that uses the cPanel control panel and operates in the Cloud.

Not everything. It regulates the number of users connected to each server. Your site’s performance and load time will both benefit greatly from this.

Additionally, there are never any hardware issues because of the Cloud SSD technology used. Take advantage of a top-tier professional team’s swift and risk-free website transfer service.

HostArmada Cloud WordPress Hosting

Advantages of WordPress Hosting in the Cloud:

  • SSL Certificates Are Now Available At No Cost To Any Website
  • Standard web hosting options
  • Site creation is made easy with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Database, email, and FTP accounts are all unlimited.
  • Transfer of your site for free
  • Firewall, an intelligent web application

2. Shared Hosting

The flexibility of Cloud Shared Hosting is unparalleled. Care and precision went into the development of this managed shared hosting platform.

Similarly, you’re allowed a single, cost-free service migration for your website.

Its caching system is so well thought out that it scores highest in speed tests and uses the fewest resources. In a similar vein, it enables more users on more affordable plans to access a website.

HostArmada Cloud Shared Hosting

Benefits of Shared Cloud Hosting:

  • Websites with stringent safety measures
  • Beta testing of cPanel hosting
  • SaaS Solid-State Drives
  • A free daily backup service
  • Setup with a single click
  • SSL Certificates Are Now Available At No Cost To Any Website

3. Reseller Cloud Hosting

If you’re looking to start your own web hosting company, Cloud Reseller Hosting is the way to go. Its white-labeled reseller hosting solutions are praised for their speed, reliability, and safety.

In addition, it boasts a 99.9 percent uptime thanks to Cloud SSD technology.

HostArmada provides four distinct Virtual Private Server plans, each of which comes with a plethora of freebies including daily backups, website migration, email accounts, etc.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Reseller Hosting:

  • Cleans the site of any malware it finds
  • Supports a wide range of PHP releases
  • Domain Renewals Unrestricted
  • Reduces server load by a factor of 3
  • Incredible improvements to page-load times
  • CPU and RAM Doubled

4. Hosting on Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS Hosting is a private server for running Virtual Machines in the cloud, complete with unrestricted administrative access and backup power from the cloud. It’s an effective and scalable option for a developing company.

HostArmada Cloud VPS Hosting

When an operating system user is given access on demand, they have total freedom.

And it’s built for stability and extended voyages!

What’s Included with Cloud VPS Hosting?

  • Internet security and web filtering services at no cost
  • Disk-less Solid-State Drives in the Cloud
  • Databases and subdomains are not limited.
  • OPcode and APC Cache
  • Savings without cost
  • Always-available technical help

5. Dedicated CPU Server Hosting

Servers with a single CPU that are completely dedicated and completely managed. In terms of electricity efficiency, it offers tailored solutions.

HostArmada Dedicated CPU Server Hosting

Get unrivaled website speed based on a redundant Cloud SSD infrastructure and massive processing power.

Based on your needs, choose from the LIFT OFF, Low Orbit, or High Orbit package.

Hosted dedicated CPU servers offer:

  • SSL Certificates Are Now Available At No Cost To Any Website
  • Malware & WAF protection without cost
  • Virtualization with KVM
  • Disk-less Solid-State Drives in the Cloud
  • Savings without cost
  • Always-available technical help

6. Linux Servers Running Open Source Software

The best results from open-source web programs may be achieved with Opensource Hosting. Open-source software allows you to quickly, reliably, and safely explore a world of possibilities.

The web hosting service can be backed up, and its status and health may be managed.

HostArmada Opensource Hosting

This hosting service offers the highest possible security against hackers and other online threats. Modern artificial intelligence security technologies will be fully implemented on your website.

Domain Name System (DNS) maintenance, redirected domains, parked domains, and subdomains are all supported.

Benefits of Using an Open-Source Host

  • SSL Certificates Are Now Available At No Cost To Any Website
  • cPanel makes it simple to manage your service.
  • Strict website safety measures
  • Offers of cloud-based, shared SSD hosting
  • Inexpensive cPanel admin interface
  • LiteSpeed’s caching web server

7. Development Hosting

Excellent resources for website creation come included with development hosting. It’s optimized for boosting website speed and staying stable.

It also provides features like clearing browsing history, regular backups, and proactive security.

In addition, it provides fantastic tools for developers including PHP frameworks, Drush, WP CLI, Git, Node.js, Python, and Perl.

HostArmada Development Hosting

Hosting services for developers include:

  • According to the plan, daily backups are provided 7, 14, or 21 times.
  • Locations for several hosts
  • Keep the number of users on each server to a minimum for top efficiency.
  • Herd immunity-enabled state-of-the-art firewall
  • Password-protected directories
  • Separation of web hosting accounts

The Efficiency of HostArmada

The next part of this HostArmada assessment will focus on the service’s effectiveness.

Customers and service providers alike place a premium on reliable and rapid website load times. Each is present in this hosting service.

HostArmada’s exceptional efficiency comes from its:

Maintain a 99.9% uptime guarantee for trouble-free website operation. In addition, if a disaster lasts longer than expected, you’ll be reimbursed 10% to 100% of the cost.

A website may benefit from the Speed Reaper strategy to speed up its loading time.

Nginx and LiteSpeed are used, which are both fast web servers.

Offering trouble-free navigation to site visitors.

When using a shared hosting service, you may have performance issues due to sharing server resources with other customers.

But with HostArmada, your worries are over! Cloud-shared hosting may also be used effectively.

We have no complaints about HostArmada. It has a remarkable capacity to manage traffic and load pages quickly for visitors.

Further, those hosting solutions are driven by cutting-edge hardware and software technologies to ensure peak performance.

The huge world of web hosting is at your fingertips with this lightning-fast, secure, and dependable service.

HostArmada’s User-Friendliness

In the long term, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned master at website development, simplicity of use becomes crucial.

The learning curve for HostArmada is low. Both setting up the hosting service and configuring the product are necessary.

Getting started is as simple as selecting a plan that works for you and registering a new domain name. You may use your current domain name and just change the nameservers, or you can transfer it from another registrar.

The next stages are available after that.

First, choose a billing period.

Monthly, yearly, biannual, and triennial payments are all available here.

HostArmada Billing Cycle

Step 2: Pick a Server

HostArmada Review Choose Data Centers

Select the closest data center for blazing-fast connections and round-the-clock access.

Step 3: Pick Your Addon Booster

HostArmada Select Add-on Booster

In this section, you may choose supplementary tools to improve your site. There is, however, an additional fee connected with this feature.

HostArmada Review Choose Data Centers

The login information will be sent to you when you have completed the purchase procedure. As a result, all you need to do to launch your website is access your hosting account.

The dashboard allows for complete management of components like services and domain. HostArmada makes it simple to access, modify, and administer your website.

The HostArmada Pricing and Packages

HostArmada is adaptable to your specific requirements. It provides a variety of price tiers, with customizable features included in each tier.

Everyone from individuals to large corporations to dedicated webmasters may find a suitable hosting package among the many available.

Hosting plans vary in price from as little as $9.95 per month to as much as $271.43 per month.

1. Costs of WordPress Hosting

Now, let’s have a look at HostArmada’s Cloud WordPress Hosting packages.

Start Dock is the optimal way to launch a new website. HostArmada’s single-site package begins at only $2.99 per month.

The Nginx web server drives the Web Warp platform. And for just $4.93 per month, it can host many websites, increasing their availability and saving you money.

The Speed Reaper strategy is the most effective way to speed up a website. In addition, a LiteSpeed server is used. Pay just $5.92 monthly for this offer.

2. Shared hosting costs

This hosting service offers three distinct shared hosting packages, as follows:

For only $2.99 a month, you can get started with Start Dock, which offers 15 GB of SSD storage and all of the standard hosting capabilities.

You may host many websites on this plan and increase their availability using Web Warp. This hosting is available for $4.93 per month.

Speed Reaper: This plan’s lightning-fast page loads will catapult your site to the next level. Costs just $5.92 monthly!

3. Costs of Reseller Hosting

In this HostArmada Review, we’ll take a look at their various Cloud Reseller Hosting packages.

SiteDust: If you’re just getting started as a reseller hosting provider, this is the plan for you! The monthly fee is just $21.

If you’re a reseller hosting business owner looking to grow, this Protoseller package is for you. The monthly fee for this plan is just $28.02.

Everyone who aspires to be a web hosting reseller juggernaut should sign up for the Web Giant plan. Spend just $35.03 monthly with this offer.

Site Nova: This is a comprehensive strategy. LightSpeed fuels it, so your enterprise may expand to new heights. This package can be yours for $49.05 now.

4.Virtual Private Server Costs

The various Cloud VPS Hosting packages are as follows:

This package will get your site up and running on our Cloud VPS Shuttle. You’ll be ready for your next task thanks to this. The monthly fee is just $45.34

With the Web Voyager plan, you may go on your own Internet adventure with the help of a trustworthy travel companion. Price per month: $53.59

Get your website ready for the next Web Raider attack! Don’t let a lack of materials slow you down. You may join for $70.39 a month.

Site Carrier: With this strategy, all of your online projects may be safely transported on a service that can handle even the most testing of internet circumstances. Price per month: $111.34

Dedicated CPU Server Hosting Pricing

5. Hosting Fees for a Server with a Dedicated CPU

There are three distinct packages available:

LIFT OFF: This package optimizes processors to launch your website into the vastness of the Internet. Pay just $122.93 every month

In Low Orbit, you can avoid the storms! Start an incredible online adventure right now with Low Orbit. Yours for only $172.43 a month

High Orbit: Give your customers access to the most powerful computer resources available. You may easily upgrade the server’s resources with the help of this plan. The monthly fee is $271.43.

6. Costs of Hosting Open Source Software

There are three price points available from Open Source Hosting, and they are as follows:

For $2.99 per month, Start Dock is the best option for your open-source hosting needs.

If you need to host more than one website, Web Warp is the package for you. The price each month is just $4.93

Get this hosting for your lightning-fast website for just $5.92 a month with the Speed Reaper special.

7. Costs of Development Hosting

In addition, it offers a choice of three distinct packages, which are detailed below.

If you’re just getting started with web hosting, Start Dock is the way to go. It’s available for $2.99 each month.

Web Warp: This plan offers the finest value, giving you access to premium hosting options for only $4.93 per month.

With the Speed Reaper package, you get lightning-fast speeds for an infinite number of websites, all thanks to LiteSpeed. The price each month is just $5.92.

As your company expands and new services become necessary, you may easily switch to a higher plan.

HostArmada’s Help Desk

HostArmada’s help desk is dependable. Users may get help at any time of day or night. You also have a variety of help options to choose from depending on the nature of your problem.

You may submit a ticket and get a response within a few hours, guaranteed. In addition, you may get immediate answers to your sales and general queries by contacting support through live chat.

HostArmada Technical Support

In addition, you may speak with a representative via phone if that’s more convenient for you. Monday through Friday, during normal US business hours, you may reach a live member of the support staff via phone.

There are also some very useful frequently asked questions (FAQs) for each of the different categories, as well as a number of blogs and knowledge bases from the team to help you out.

Pros and Cons of HostArmada

The next section of our HostArmada review will focus on the service’s advantages and disadvantages.


HostArmada’s hosted sites consistently have fewer visitors than those hosted elsewhere. In addition, it helps a page load faster.

HostArmada offers a free domain name, lightning-fast hosting with CloudFlare and LightSpeed, and a user-friendly, fully-managed cPanel.

Provides cost-free service for the transfer of up to five websites. The technical support team will assist you in completing the migration with zero downtime and no lost information.

HostArmada is sure that its service is the best because of its superior features. That’s why you have 45 days to request a refund if you’re not satisfied.

It provides cutting-edge, AI-based security solutions for maximum protection against harmful online threats.


Only the most costly plans include the LiteSpeed web server.

Unlike many of its competitors, it does not provide shared hosting on Windows.

Customer Reviews

Several of HostArmada’s users have nice things to say about their experience with the company. They say it’s quick, responsive, user-friendly, and simple to use.

HostArmada also has several video testimonials from satisfied customers.

HostArmada Customer Review


In addition to its speed, security, and built-in domain service, HostArmada’s hosting is also known for its intuitive UI.

Plus, they have access to a plethora of helpful resources, such as FAQs, thorough documentation, blogs, and more.

HostArmada is adaptable to the demands of both big and small enterprises.

If you’re in the market for a web host, then go no further than HostArmada because of the exceptional services it offers.