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Top 7 Animal Emojis That You’ll See Often In Social Media Today

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When entering the technology era, using emoji is not new anymore. And most people nowadays are all using emojis to send a clear message to their friends and relatives. It makes the conversation experience enjoyable. You can find hundreds of animal emojis and here are some animal emojis you’ll often see.

Cat Face Emoji

The Cat emoji is one of the top animal emojis used in most popular social media sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You will often see the Cat Emoji in full-face with a yellow color, making it easier to identify. It has cat ears, a nose, and a small tongue hanging out its mouth.

In other social media apps, the Cat Emoji is usually in a full-body standing side view, and you can see its front legs and two hind legs. In Google, using Cat Emoji, you will see a sitting cartoon-styled full-body cat, which is what most people like the best because of its cuteness. Until now, Cat Emoji is still one of the most famous animal emoji.

Pig Face Emoji

Have you been eating a lot? Then you can make use of the Pig Face emoji to express your love for food. Most people use the Pig Face emoji when eating or telling someone that they are gaining weight. This emoji has a pink face with a natural expression. You can right away identify the Pig Face emoji because of its pointy ears and pig nose.

Pig Face emoji is also known as Pig Head in some apps, since other apps made the Pig Face emoji in full-face; they usually do not include the body. Similar to other types of animal emojis, the Pig Face emoji has been part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and included the lists of emojis in Emoji 1.0 in the year 2016. It just means that you can use Pig Face emoji in the majority of apps right now.

Turtle Emoji

Turtle emoji is one of the cutest emoji you can see in social media apps right now. You can right away identify the Turtle emoji with its vast green shell and usually standing side view. In most apps, the Turtle emoji is in full-body but has different styles. Most people choose Apple, Google, and Facebook Turtle emoji because of their unique graphics.

Most people use Turtle emoji if they want to represent speed. So usually, Turtle emoji is for being slow or waiting for something, and it takes too long, and you are running out of patience. In other platforms, the Turtle emoji is also known as Tortoise emoji. Same as the other animal emoji, the Turtle emoji is on all platforms.

Monkey Face Emoji

Monkeys are funny, cute, curious, and sometimes naughty. Just by these representations, you already know where and when to use a Monkey Face emoji. You can use a Monkey Face emoji when you are trying to say some funny things, or if you did or hear some hilarious events. Most people send a Monkey Face emoji to their friends and rarely to their relatives.

Monkey Face emoji image is usually a full-body monkey sitting side view with a brown color body. Apple, Google, and Facebook have the most realistic picture of the Monkey Face emoji than other social media apps. You can also find a face only Monkey Face emoji with eyes open wide and combined with a big smile on some platforms.

Dragon Emoji

Dragon is a somehow rare emoji that other smartphones and tablets don’t have. You need to have the updated software of your phone or download a specific emoji app to use this emoji on your device. You can also go to a particular website to copy the Dragon Face emoji there and paste it to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites.

Most people use Dragon face emoji to symbolize or represent greatness. Others might also use this emoji if they are angry or excited. You can identify the Dragon Emoji in its curly green snake-like body with sharp claws and scales. Some pictures of a Dragon emoji have horns depending on what type of app you are using.

Horse Emoji

Horse emoji is the opposite of Turtle emoji. It usually represents speed and going fast. If you try to send a text or message to your friends or relatives, you can try using this emoji if you want to tell them you will arrive in no time. You can also use this specifically if you are doing something, and you want them to know that you will finish the work fast and easy.

There are also other Horse emoji that you can also use depending on what type of meaning you want to send to them like the horse face, horse racing, and carousel horse. In most platforms, Horse emoji are often portrayed in full-body with brown skin, brown tail, four sturdy legs, and hairs. It is an image of a horse running.

Dog Emoji

Dog emoji is one of the cutest emoji that you can find in most social media platforms. Dogs are faithful, playful, joyful, and very loving. Dog emoji can represent your happy feeling towards an event or to the person you are having a conversation with. You can also use Dog emoji if you are feeling excited about something.

There are many types of Dog emoji, like a service dog, guide dog, poodle, and beagle face dog emoji. You can also use these types of Dog emojis depending on what you are trying to imply. Dog emoji have different images in other apps like Apple, Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Another fun fact is that Dog emoji is also known as “Doggo.”


Using animal emoji is very fun, especially if you are having conversations with your friends, and it can also provide excitement. You can immediately imply or send a message towards the person you are talking to, which is why animal emoji is very important as an add-on to your message.