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Biggest Social Media Platforms 2021


With ever-increasing technologies, people are getting closer to each other. Media platforms are experiencing new and advanced technologies, and the number of their users is also increasing day by day. Different social media platforms are showing different updates with the ever-increasing demands of their users. Here are some social media platforms that are expected to create hype in 2021, as they created in 2020, and the previous years.


It will not be wrong if we say that Facebook is the father of all social media platforms. It is famous among people from the time when other platforms were being introduced. Today, many important platforms are managed under the influence of Facebook. This makes the experience of Facebook users more exciting.

Whether you are an individual or a business/brand; Facebook has got your back. Facebook can help you manage business accounts and different brand-related pages. Along with such benefits, Facebook can also be used for recreational purposes. You can play games on Facebook with your friends.


Twitter is considered a very important platform among the youth and as well as old people. It is useful for all those persons who want to stay up-to-date. Many important official announcements are made through this social media platform. You can get a lot of information through Twitter, and it may also help businesses to grow.

Twitter is also widely used across the world to share memes. Various famous memers are also the production of Twitter. You can join a non-stop conversation of tweets on Twitter.


Instagram is one of the most creative platforms among all. People share their creativity and talents on this platform. Brands/ businesses find a lot of bloggers and influencers for collaborations. This platform provides some of the best advertisement services and establishes a credible relation between brands and their customers. You can use Instagram growth services to generate organic traffic on your account.

Instagram also features some of the best shopping experiences. You can shop from Instagram, and this platform never fails to meet your expectations.

Other platforms

Along with these three major platforms, several other platforms also provide great services to their users.

  • Snapchat is used by the younger audience. This platform is used for sharing images, and videos. This platform is famous for its privacy restrictions among its users.
  • Messenger, which was previously a part of Facebook, now has its app; but it is still managed by Facebook. It is a great messaging platform. You can also share photos, videos, and documents through this platform.
  • Tiktok is another Chinese origin social media platform, which has experienced a lot of development in the past few years. This video sharing platform has become a sensation among young people and is thought to create more hype in 2021.
  • Pinterest is another famous image sharing platform. You can find images, animated GIFs, and videos on the pinboard of Pinterest. You can pin your interests on this platform, which is the idea behind its name.

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