Protecting Your Business with Online Archiving


With rampant security issues and plenty of accessibility risks, your business’ online properties have consistent threats looming over them. Apart from the possibility of losing control of your accounts, this also poses an issue for your online reputation.

With this in mind, looking into online archiving becomes a prudent way to protect your web presence. While the method sounds highly technical at first, it remains relatively simple in its execution via services such as Pagefreezer.

To learn more about online archiving, here’s an overview of this mechanism and how it can protect your business.

What is Online Archiving?

Simply put, online archiving is the way to save a snapshot of your online property at any given time.

Depending upon the type of content that you are archiving, this method can vary in its execution. But regardless of this difference, it delivers the same function. As such, it downloads detailed files to save your overall content from a specific timeframe.

Online archiving can be executed through simple to use tools such as Pagefreezer. These purpose-built solutions make sure that you can archive your online property without going through complicated procedures.

There Are Various Types of Online Archiving Methods

Online archiving applies to a variety of properties. This includes but is not limited to your website, your Facebook, your Twitter, and your Instagram.

With a mix of online properties, this archiving provides you with a holistic backup of your web presence. Whether you are trying to create a restoration point for your website or keeping a record of your social media conversations, online archiving can fulfill your requirements without fail.

While you can pick and choose which platforms you want to archive, it is advised that you move forward with a comprehensive approach that saves your data from all aspects. This way, you don’t leave any stones unturned in preserving your online profile.

It Provides Various Benefits in Different Circumstances

When you execute online archiving correctly, it protects your business through various aspects.

These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Compliance with regulation. Preserving your data ensures that your communication records are kept intact even in the state of their removal from the online property. This helps you comply with critical industry regulations.
  • Access to produced content. If your online property gets hacked or suspended, your original content turns inaccessible. Having proper online archiving in place makes sure that you can save your content for future use.
  • Use of easy restoration points. If any modification to your online property doesn’t go as planned, it can affect your overall web presence drastically. Having archives in place lets you benefit from easy restoration points for your data.
  • Availability of records. If your business gets into any legal challenges due to your online content, it can be difficult to produce original copies of your web presence. Having real-time archiving ensures that the process becomes as easy as possible.
  • Ability to monitor service quality. Certain employees can sometimes turn to misconduct only to remove or edit their posted content afterward. In order to maintain service quality and your business’s integrity, you can use real-time archiving to get a comprehensive picture of your employees’ communication.

Turning to a reliable online archiving tool makes sure that you can benefit from all of these features to protect your business. This reduces your risk, saves you from exposure, and lets you continue operating your business even through precarious online conditions.